West Coast Masters Cycling Council

The West Coast Masters Cycling Council aims to promote road cycling races for veteran riders in an environment in which enjoyment and fellowship are as important as winning competitions. Racing is conducted almost every Sunday of the year under the rules and regulations of the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC). The Council is open to veteran age members of age 30 years and over. Annual championships based on age divisions are held at state and national levels. The benefits of competing at veteran age are seen in terms of continuing to pursue a social activity that is reflected in better health and quality of life. 

Sponsorship opportunities
Expressions of Interest are invited for a range of sponsorship opportunities for a new initiative — Leader jerseys for each …

Wanted urgently: Traffic Signage Manager
West Coast Masters Cycling Council urgently needs a reliable self-starter to take charge of traffic management. This could …

Traffic marshals
We need more people to add to the pool of traffic marshals.

Message from the President 17 Aug
A lot of different things have been going on at WCM over the last few months and I wanted to give you a heads-up on just some …

Message from the President 26 Aug
The Committee has been very busy over the last few months and I would now like to share with you a major update to racing.

Safety Briefing
Race Director Richard Barville has distributed a Safety Briefing for all riders.

How to join
Joining West Coast Masters is a simple online process, requiring only an email address and a credit card.

Latest results and upcoming events
Results for each event and the season points competition are updated each week.

Our response to COVID19

Corner Marshalls
Heros of the peloton