West Coast Masters Cycling Council

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The West Coast Masters Cycling Council is open to veteran age members of age 30 years and over.
The Council aims to promote veteran cycling races on road and track and to create an environment in which enjoyment and fellowship are as important as winning competitions.
Racing is conducted almost every Sunday of the year under the rules and regulations of the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC).
Annual championships based on age divisions are held at state and national levels.
The benefits of competing at veteran age are seen in terms of continuing to pursue a social activity that is reflected in better health and quality of life.


For general enquiries (or in case of doubt) please contact the Secretary.




President Nick Vroomans
Vice President

Denis Robinson
Treasurer Helen Peniston
Secretary John Shattock
Webmaster Tim Mollison


The 2020 executive members are:

President Nick Vroomans
Vice Presidents Denis Robinson
Secretary John Shattock
Treasurer Helen Peniston
Auditors Melissa Johnston
Race Handicapper Richard Barville and Bob Addy
Committee Members Richard Barville
Sam Bolton
Greg Smith
Pedro Turibaka
Referee's Bob Addy
Richard Barville
Fran Watson
Appeals Committee The President plus any two members of the committee
Property Officer Pat Briggs and Bob Stephens
Webmaster Tim Mollison


Increase your understanding of what happens behind the scenes. Here are just some of the jobs that need to be done on a regular basis.


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