West Coast Masters Cycling Council

Calendar of Events

2020-2021 Summer Season
2020 Road Race Season

Entrants are reminded of the following:
  1. For events marked with an asterisk (**) nominations must be received at least 7 days before the race. For these events, nominations must be paid, even if you don't start. The number of grades on any day will depend on number of entries, and if sufficient turn up E grade rides will be arranged.
  2. Entrants must nominate 15 to 45 minutes before the start times. Line nominations close 15 minutes before the first race, so you must nominate by then or you may not be able to race.
  3. Events are restricted to AVCC Licence holders. From 1st January 2018, prospective members will be allowed two trial rides, as long as they are taken within 4 weeks of the first ride, and as long as they are taken with the same organising AVCC club.
  4. Details of all events will be published in the WCMCC Newsletter, please check the web site for possible changes.
  5. Race duration may be altered at the discretion of the referee. The race referee(s) may also cancel or stop any race, for any reason, as they see fit, including predicted weather conditions.
  6. In conditions where the predicted ambient temperature exceeds 35 degrees C during an event:
    • The race referee(s) may withdraw a rider from any event, if they believe the rider is in significant distress and/or maybe a danger to the safety of themselves and/or other competitors.
    • As individuals have different tolerances to heat levels, it is the riders responsibility to ensure that they are 'competent' to handle the race conditions on the day.

    For further information and guidance, see Resources and Advice from Sports Medicine Australia.


Criterium Circuits

Noms desk usually in vicinity of Start/Finish Line

Bibra Lake:
Cascara Corner – Cocos Drive
Circuit 950m

Driver Risk Management Centre (DRMC):
Grogan Rd, Perth Airport
Circuit 1.5km

Bradford St - Chilver St - Valentine St - Hazelhurst St - Bradford St
Circuit 1.5km

Anketell Road, Kwinana Beach
Circuit 1.5km

Smeaton Way (opposite Bunnings)
Circuit 1.7km

Innovation Circuit - Advantage Way - Regali Way
Circuit 1.3km

Road Circuits

Noms in vicinity of Start/Finish Line (A & B markers) unless otherwise indicated.

Doghill (Baldivis):
Doghill Rd. - St. Albans St.- Young Rd. - Doghill Rd
Circuit 10.7km

Casuarina: Start on Orton Road 150metres east of Cumming Road – ride west and turn left onto Casuarina Road - left onto Coyle Road – left onto King Road – left to finish on Orton Road.
Circuit 8.7km

Chidlow 'A'
Noms at Tavern in Thomas St.
Start at corner of Onslow St and Ash Rd (becomes Ilbery St) - left at Doconong Rd - left at Old Northam Rd to finish near Onslow St, Chidlow
Circuit 11.1km

Chidlow 'B':
Noms at Tavern in Thomas St.
Start and finish opposite Stone Street on Liberton Road, Chidlow - left onto Old Northam Road - left onto Government Road – left onto Needham Road – left onto Liberton Road
Circuit 17.8km.

Herne Hill
Noms at Primary School in Argyle Street.
Start/Finish at junction of Moore Road and William Street.
William St - Lefroy Ave - Oakover Rd - Campersic Rd - William St.
Circuit 9.5km

Mt. Helena:
Noms at Mt Helena Tavern.
Keane St - Alice St (neutralised) - circuit of Mildura Rd - Bunning Rd - Toodyay Rd - Stoneville Rd - Anketell Rd.
Circuit 20km

Start Pederick Road-left Mather Drive-left Flynn Drive - left Old Yanchep Road-left Pederick Street to finish at start point.
Circuit 7.5km

Pickering Brook:
Noms at the Café at the top of Pickering Brook Road near Canning Road Pickering Brook Road near Canning Road
Pickering Brook Rd - left onto Forrest Rd - left onto Repatriation Rd - left onto Pickering Brook Rd. Finish 700m past Repatriation Road.
Circuit 7.7km

Older circuits


Claremont, Entry via gate 5 or 6 Graylands Rd, or gate 8 Ashton Ave.
Circuit 650m

Yanchep National Park
Circuit 1.3km


Chidlow - Wundowie: TT course
Start half-way down hill on Old Northern Road approx. 6km from Chidlow. Proceed to Wundowie for 12.8kms where turn at junction with Vineyard Street and proceed to finish 300m before start point. Total distance 25km.

Mandogalup: Circuit 12.6km
Start Anketell/Mandogalup Rds - Sayer Rd - Postans Rd - right at Hope Valley - left at Abercrombe Rd - left onto Anketell Rd
Circuit 12.6km

Mundijong (2-up TT):
Noms in Mundijong.
Start 3km from Mundijong on Kargotich Road. See also atta site
Circuit 8.9km.

Noms at Equestrian/Sports Centre off De Haer Road.
Start on De Haer Rd - left onto Wandi Drive - left onto Bodeman Rd - left onto Lyon Rd - left onto De Haer Rd
Circuit 8.5km.