West Coast Masters Cycling Council

Good to know

Turn up, race, be aware

Here are a few things to be aware of:

  1. Events are restricted to AVCC Licence holders. Prospective members may have two free trial rides before joining.
  2. A free trial ride includes insurance and transponder at no charge. Trial riders are not eligible for prize money and may not enter championship or other restricted events.
  3. Registrations for trial rides close 5pm the day before the event.
  4. Check for start times on the club Facebook page.
  5. Ensure you nominate and get a race number at least 15 minutes before start time
  6. Race duration may be altered at the discretion of the referee. The race referee may also cancel or stop the race for any reason, including predicted weather conditions.

As individuals have different tolerances to heat levels, it is your responsibility to ensure you are 'competent' to handle the conditions on race day.

Sports Medicine Australia has resources and advice on competing in hot conditions.

Still want to know more? Check out the faqs

Corner Marshalls AVCC National Championships

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