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Grade Leader jersey competitions Q&A

Q: Who gets to wear the Leader jerseys?

A: The rider in each grade who leads the individual points classification that week. 

Those riders must be AVCC-licensed members of West Coast Masters. Trial riders who become members will have their points counted from the date they join.

To show riders’ respect for the Leader jersey, the wearer may take ‘pole’ position at the start of each race.

Q: How are points awarded?

Points are awarded based on the following.

  • Each rider is awarded 5 points for starting
  • Additional points are awarded to the top 3 finishers in each grade, each week. In addition to points for starting, 6 points are awarded for first place, 4 for second, and 2 for third.

The Club reserves the right to hold “super crits” and award extra points for placing at those races, as it determines.

The best 15 performances out of 20 races (not including Age Group Championships) will count towards the points competition.

Q: How will I know who the Leaders are?

A: The individual points competition table will be displayed by the MyLaps system on the Results page of our website. 

MyLaps calls points comps “championships”, so after each event look for the championship link under the latest race.

Q: When are jerseys awarded and returned?

A: The first Leader jerseys will be presented before each grade starts at the Bibra Lake criterium on 21 November. 

The Leader on points from the previous week’s races will be notified prior to race day that they will be issued with a Leader jersey. The Leader jerseys will be held at the registration desk for riders to collect prior to racing. 

Each Leader jersey must be returned to the issuing official by the conclusion of the awards formalities. 

Jerseys will be laundered by WCMCC and re-presented to the Individual points leader at the next race.

Q: What happens if the leader is not there?

A: If any grade leader cannot attend, the Leader jersey will be worn by the rider with the next highest individual points.

Q: When is the competition decided and the final jersey awarded?

A: The last race to count for the individual points competition will be at Bibra Lake on 24 April 2022. 

The riders with the most points in each grade at that time will be presented with their jerseys to keep at the season presentations at the conclusion of the Kewdale criterium on 1 May. Points will be awarded as per above. The winner of each grade, except for A grade, will be promoted to the next highest grade at the beginning of the next season’s racing.

Q: What happens if two or more riders are on equal points on race day or at the end of the season?

A: The rider with the highest podium finishes will be awarded the jersey on the day, or for the season, as applies.

Q: What happens if a leader changes grades during the season?

A: Riders promoted to a higher grade forfeit half their accumulated points at the time of promotion. If the points accumulated at the lower Grade are more than that of the third placed rider in the higher Grade, then the maximum points brought forward will be 1 point below third place in the gaining Grade. Riders demoted a grade retain their points.

Q: Are different size jerseys available to accommodate larger or smaller riders?

A: Each grade will have a range of jersey sizes from XS to XL.

Q: What about the Teams points competition?

A: The teams competition is based on the individual comp, with each team’s best 3 placings in each grade counting from each race.

The teams points table is calculated separately and updated on the Teams page of the website after each race. It shows ranking, team name, and the latest points totals.

The calculation uses team lists provided by team managers, and relies on riders’ listed names matching their Entry Boss profiles and AVCC licenses.