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A close up of a rider-'s racing number

How to get set up for online race entry

Entry to West Coast Masters races is only available online.

To get set up for this you will need:

  • An internet-connected device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) 
  • Your AVCC racing license number
  • The same name you entered in the member database (Hint: It’s on your license!)
  • Your credit card details (name, number, expiry date, CCV)

With the above in hand, go to Entry Boss

If you do not yet have an Entry Boss account:

  • Click (or tap) on Sign Up
  • Complete a profile, selecting Australian Veterans Cycling Council under Membership type/ governing body, and ensure you:
  • Type your name correctly, using exactly the same name you have on your AVCC license. If you are a member of a team, check your Team Manager has listed you by the same name with the Secretary (this is important to ensure your points are allocated to your team in the points competition)
  • Begin typing “West Coast Masters” in the Club field (it will select and auto-complete)
  • Type your Racing License number under Membership Number
  • Select “Racing” under Membership Category
  • Complete all fields, including Emergency Contact and Emergency Contact Phone, and
  • Add your credit card number.

If you already have an Entry Boss account you will most likely have an AusCycling profile.

Sign in:

  • Click (or tap) on Account
  • Under Profiles, click (or tap) on Add
  • Complete a second profile using the AVCC licence option (see above).

That’s it. You’re done.

NOTE 1: Make sure you use your AVCC profile when you enter a West Coast Masters race. If you enter with an AusCycling profile, race admin will scratch you from the event and you will receive an email notification after entries close.

NOTE 2: You may also be scratched after entries close if the computer scripts which check your name and license number find your details don’t match the member database.

Any problems – contact the Secretary, but be aware only you can edit your details.

Questions about Entry Boss? Check the Q & A.