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How to get set up for online race entry

Entry to West Coast Masters races is preferred to be applied for online.

To enable you to do this you will need:

  • An internet-connected device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) 
  • Your AVCC racing license number
  • The same name you entered in the member database (Hint: It’s on your license!)
  • Your credit card details (name, number, expiry date, CCV)

With the above in hand, go to Entry Boss

If you do not yet have an Entry Boss account:

  • Click (or tap) on Sign Up
  • Complete a profile, selecting Australian Veterans Cycling Council under Membership type/ governing body, and ensure you:
  • Type your name correctly, using exactly the same name you have on your AVCC license. If you are a member of a team, check to see if your Team Manager has listed you by the same name with the Secretary (this is important to ensure your points are allocated to your team in the points competition)
  • Begin typing “West Coast Masters” in the Club field (it will select and auto-complete)
  • Type your Racing License number under Membership Number
  • Select “Racing” under Membership Category
  • Complete all fields, including Emergency Contact and Emergency Contact Phone, and
  • Add your credit card number.

If you already have an Entry Boss account you most likely have an AusCycling profile on Entry Boss.

If this is the case, sign in:

  • Click (or tap) on Account
  • Under Profiles, click (or tap) on Add
  • Complete a second profile using the AVCC licence option (see above).

That’s it. You’re done.

NOTE 1: Make sure you use your AVCC profile when you enter a West Coast Masters race. If you enter with an AusCycling profile, race admin may scratch you from the event and you may receive an email notification after entries close.

NOTE 2: You may also be scratched after entries close if the computer scripts which check your name and license number find your details don’t match the member database.

Any problems – contact the Secretary, but be aware only you can edit your details.

Questions about Entry Boss? Check the Q & A.