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Summer Racing

    Results and Points
See details of the 2020-2021 summer racing calendar and iCal. Criterium racing commences most Sundays at the earlier time of 8:00, grade start order is given by the grade order shown in the Duration column, see the Programme for approximate start times. Road races start at 8:30 for all grades.


We hope you remain healthy and towards that goal please continue to follow instructions about hygiene, keeping your distance from contacts and trying to avoid crowds.  You should assess the risks and reconsider any aspect that may increase the risk of transmission.
Please check back for updates as the situation evolves.

Racing with us

Annual membership starts from 1st January. New memberships after 1st October are discounted and remain valid to the end of the calendar year. Note that insurance covers only financial members, and that memberships are subject to minimum age limitations and the discretion of the club. Applications and renewals are made online through the AVCC Member Portal, select either "New Registration" or "Login" respectively. The portal guide has more information on the process.
Trial Rides
Try racing with West Coast Masters at no charge, before joining. Register here.

Members who are renewing their registration should confirm their email details ("Update My Details") as the invoice and licence will be emailed to that address. The licence appears in the email like this:
licence example
It is suggested that you print the licence, cut it out and encase in plastic.

Helping Hands

We encourage all members to do a little bit to help out one way or another. Some club and family members assist at the race desk, by marshaling or in other unsung chores. We cannot race without them, so a big thank you to all the people who help make race days happen. If you can assist in any way, please indicate your availability to the race desk, or a committee member. We particularly need people to assist with setup and packup of signage, and are asking for volunteers for the task.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Interested in having naming rights for an event or two, providing prizes for primes or some other sponsorship arrangement?
Please contact the Secretary or President to register your interest.

First Aiders

The club is looking for expressions of interest from those wishing to attend a one-day course to gain a St Johns First Aid certificate (or to renew an expired certificate). Please contact the Secretary (Mel) for more information.

Rules and Safety

All riders should be familiar with the AVCC Regulations. Regarding the provisions:
6. Equipment and Clothing
b) 'An Australian approved and securely fastened helmet conforming to standard AS/NZ/2063 must be worn on the head at all times while riding'.
Conforming helmets will have an Australian Standard sticker inside the helmet. Please be aware that helmets sold overseas, including online stores, do not need to meet this requirement. An online bargain helmet may not be legal for use on Australian roads.
8. General Racing Rules
a) All competitors must abide by the State/Territory traffic laws,

There is a guide for WA cyclists published here.
When racing on open roads, and not abiding by these rules, you are riding illegally and in contravention of the AVCC regulations. As well as having insurance and personal liability concerns, this is damaging to our sport and putting racing at risk.
Failure to observe the rules can result in exclusion from racing. In the interests of everybody's safety and enjoyment of racing for many years to come, the club is encouraging riders to ensure widespread compliance and will be conducting spot checks.
Shop for a AS/NZ/2063 helmet, obey the road rules and enjoy racing.

Teams Competition

The club "Team Points" competition resumes at the start of each season, with all current settings being carried over. Any rider joining or leaving a team is required to advise the nominations desk.

Older News

Events are subject to change, so please confirm details closer to the day

Action Shots

We welcome video or images of club events (subject to 6iii of the AVCC rules). If you have a link to share, please email it through for posting on the corresponding event results page.

Sergey Pevnev is a professional photographer taking photos at various events.
Links to these galleries are available here.

Dale Wright has shared some photos taken when not competing. Thanks Dale!

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Nomination Payments

Payment is due with your nomination, so up to 15min before the race for line noms, or seven days in advance for events so marked on the calendar. The seven days allows sufficient time to work out race groupings and prizemoney, write up programmes and generally prepare for a smooth running event. The club has reluctantly decided to apply a discretionary late payment penalty of $10 to encourage members to comply with this.

Timing System Transponders

WCMCC uses MyLaps ProChip transponders for timing. You can bring your own transponder (available from MyLaps) or hire one from the nominations desk on a casual basis ($5/day).
Having a personal transponder is cost effective and can be used for events run by other organisations using ProChip system.
For WCMCC races, the ProChip should be mounted as close to the front axle as possible, either cable tied onto a fork leg, or mounted onto the quick release lever using an O-ring or other suitable means. Camera footage will be used to double check prize or points paying positions where the gap between riders is 0.01s or less.

Heat Policy

In conditions where the predicted ambient temperature exceeds 35 degrees C during an event:
  • The race referee(s) may withdraw a rider from any event if they believe the rider is in significant distress and/or maybe a danger to the safety of themselves and/or other competitors.
  • As individuals have different tolerances to heat levels, it is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that they are competent to handle race conditions on the day.
  • see Resources and Advice from Sports Medicine Australia for information and guidance.