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Race Day Results by Mel Davies 31 July 2022, Dwellingup Classic

All 64 riders who started the handicap event at Dwellingup (there were five nonstarters) expressed their approval of the course and organisation of the 48km handicap generously sponsored by Unicorn Risk Solutions; Riviera Floors; and Focused Media’ It was also heartening to see a balance of numbers between the grades, with ‘A’ grade having 11 riders, ‘B’; grade 17; ‘C’ grade 14, and ‘E’ grade 6. Probably the handicaps might have been a bit more generous, especially for ‘E’ grade, but with grade prizes as well as overall awards, there were no grumbles.

On a course that could only be described as up and down, with the return leg being more up than down, the topography was weighted heavily in favour of ‘A’ grade. And so it proved through evidence provided from within the field, for once again the club helicopter was unable to take to the air to provide us with blow by blow reportage. ‘E’ grade with a 21-minute start were overtaken by ‘A’ soon after the turn, while ‘C; and ‘D’ also soon fell to the onslaught. ‘B’ was brought to heel as they hit the turn,  and sensing a moment of hesitation by the bulk of ‘A’ members, Stephen Hall accompanied by James Martin, attacked to draw away from the now combined A/B pack.

In the process they maintained a lead to the finish line, where using his signature gallop and thrust, Stephen beat James over the line. Thirteen seconds later Brecht Van Gaskel breasted the line ahead of John Gregg, Daniel Hughes D’Aeth and ‘B’ grades Chris Singleton, with another seven ‘A’ and ‘B’ riders within the same second.   

 Tony Smith in 17th place was the first rider to finish in ‘C’ grade just over 2 minutes after the race winner, while John Staude was the second and Adrian Morabito who also took out 3rd in that grade, finished some 2 minutes later in 26th and 32nd places respectively.

‘D’ grade saw a sterling performance by Michael Morton in 28th place, while he also took out the prize for the first rider over 70 years of age. While Michael took the laurels, meritorious rides were also recorded by Peter Foley who finished on his wheel, followed closely by Kate Boulton who also realized the prize for the first woman rider to finish the race.

‘E’ grade fought valiantly with the laurels for first in the grade going to Mike Young, with Andrea Hind and Alison Jennings 2nd and 3rd respectively. The female contingent featured strongly in the grade with other finishers being Rose Sellar and Shirley Dow-Vine. Winner of the ‘Lanterne-Rouge’ was Bob Stephens who not only suffered a mechanical problem but problems with his hand and shoulder that had not fully recovered from an accident.

It’s worth recording the major awards came in the form of giant cheques, but as these proved too large for wallets, the winners also received rewards in envelopes. See the pictures on the web. It’s worth noting there was not one DNF on the day. Especially for Stephen Hall it proved a day of celebration as he took the lion’s share of awards.

The prizegiving saw full attendance and generous applause for all the prize-getters listed below. As a novelty, all major prize-winners were presented with gigantic cheques, but as a consolation, as they proved a bit too large for wallets, they were also presented with envelope-sized rewards.  For full results, with times, etc., google West Coast Masters Cycling, click on ‘Results’; click on ‘Dwellingup Handicap’; click on ‘A, B, C, D, E Handicap’, and all will be revealed.


A Grade:        

1. Stephen Hall; 2. James Martin;

3. Brecht Van Gastel.

B Grade

1. Chris Singleton; 2. Richard Woods;

3. Ben Khaw.

C Grade

1. Tony Smith; 2. John Staude;

3. Adrian Morabito.

D Grade

1. Michael Morton; 2. Peter Foley;

3. Kate Boulton.

E Grade

1. Mike Young; 2. Andrea Hind;

3. Alison Jennings.

Women Overall placings

1. Kate Boulton; 2. Ann Clifton;

3. Lyn Scott.

Age based awards (Note: the age division results are yet to be ratified)

40yrs + John Gregg;

50yrs + Richard Woods;

60yrs + Chris Singleton;

70yrs + Michael Morton.

KOM placings

A Grade: Stephen Hall;

B Grade: Richard Woods;

C Grade: Tony Smith;

D Grade: Peter Foley;

E Grade: Andrea Hind;

Fastest time

Stephen Hall

Overall Handicap Winner

Stephen Hall.