West Coast Masters Cycling Council

Local Social & Training Rides

If you have any questions about our rides please contact Wayne Lally.

Club Training Rides

WCMCC training rides are cancelled until further notice, due to the coronavirus pandemic. We recommend that members ride alone or at home, and acknowledge that, (as at 23rd March 2020), it is your personal choice as to whether you ride or not, who you ride with and where you ride. You should assess the risks and reconsider any aspect that may increase the risk of transmission.

WCMCC Training Ride Etiquette

  • WCMCC training rides are not races, they are recreational rides which provide an opportunity to develop fitness and group riding skills. Taking place on a mix of shared paths and roads, safety and respect for other traffic is of prime concern.
    Please see WCMCC Ride Etiquette for essential information.

Need More?

If you're looking for a little bit extra, why not engage a coach to help? A coach can help you to improve, be motivated and set appropriate and achievable goals. Some of our members and sponsors offering coaching assistance include:
  • Addy1 Cycle Coaching - Bob Addy, tel: 0405830550 or email

  • GB Coaching - Graeme Brown, tel: 0414995217, website or email

  • Hall Cycle Coaching - Brad Hall, tel: 0424894483, website or email

  • Poyner Racing Systems - Matt Poyner, website or email