Our Club Membership

West Coast Masters Cycling Council (WCMCC) is affiliated with the Australian Veterans Cycling Council (AVCC)

* GOOD NEWS* – AVCC has confirmed our 2024 License & Insurance costs will remain the same at $195 for renewal of existing members and new applications.  Country, Life Member, Pensioner and Official licenses also remain unchanged.

SportsTG advised AVCC at short notice that they are closing down the current administration system that they use. We are  to migrate to a new platform Hello Club “ membership system. Current membership data cannot be transferred to this new system, this applies to all members details and financial settings, etc.

Details on how too renewal membership was forwarded by AVCC on 22 Dec 2023 to all current members via email. For new applications the process will be the same.

To join or Renew, Click on  the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC) link on our first paragraph above. From the AVCC front screen go to the top right menu. Click on Member Login this takes you to the old Member login page. Go directly to “Not Registered Yet?” and Click on Create an account for Australian Veteran Cycling Council. 

From this point you Click on CONTINUE through the application process agreeing with Terms & Conditions and filling in the various windows for personal contact and payment details. A new account will be developed for you using your email address, you will make your own “Password” as per most current app’s.

We look forward to your participation in our club!

AVCC has no affiliation with AusCycling (AC) and a AC license cannot be used for entry into races run by AVCC affiliates such as WCMCC.

You can also ride with WCMCC if you apply to race as a Non-Member Entry provided you are an experienced rider. It will cover you for insurance and the race fee.

Our previous advertised free Trial Rides have been discontinued.

Get you West Coast Masters Cycling Council – AVCC license now!  Apply as detailed above.