Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we have coffee? We did have them at our races, but reduced numbers & COVID made it no longer cost effective.

  • Race length depends on which grade you’re in, the higher the grade, the longer the race (we want you to get your money’s worth!).

  • No. We are affiliated to the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC). AusCycle is a different license.  You can have Non Member Entry rides and consider joining our club through the AVCC membership portal.

    If you have an AusCycle License you can still enter our races as a “Non-Member Entry”, but the fee differs to club members because you need insurance cover for the time you race with us.

  • No, you can wear any kit you like. You just need to have your shoulders covered for your own protection, we don’t want to scare the wild life, – be Sunsmart.

  • Yes, they do, it’s about matching riders of similar abilities, rather than separating the genders. But don’t worry, our female members are lovely and will be nice to you while they ride away.

  • Of course! Everyone is welcome

  • You need a serviceable road bike, with clip-in pedals. No tri-bars, remove pumps for crit’s (rear lights are fine, but please turn your lights on solid, not flashing). Cameras are allowed with the referee’s approval. Of course you’ll need a Aus/NZ Standards Approved helmet. And a really cool pair of sunglasses.

  • We ask that you’ve done some group riding so you feel comfortable in a bunch but you don’t need to have raced before. The online registration and race entry processes will prompt you to answer some questions so we can put you in the grade best suited to your abilities.

  • Absolutely. We offer graded racing, ranging from A grade (the fast boys and girls) to D grade (the…ummm… slower boys and girls), and the entry process will match you with people of similar ability.

  • Mostly, but you have to be 30 years or over, but other than that all abilities are welcome. You don’t have to be the hard and fast racer.

  • Apart from the occasional coffee truck, there’s usually soft drinks or bottled water available. Bring some small change!

    At circuits without public toilet facilities, we hire portaloos. Most circuits have tap water available somewhere, but not all.

  • The handicapper will attempt to place you in a grade where you can be competitive. You may be re-graded, based on your results and your ability in the various racing disciplines (hills, flat, criterium).

  • Members are covered by a 24/7 policy arranged by AVCC, which includes racing, training and commuting. (Unlike that of AusCycle)
    Non-Member Entries are covered only for the race they enter and ride in.

  • License Membership for 2023 is $195 which includes 24/7 insurance cover including racing.

    Country Membership of $165 for outside of 100kms of Perth CBD.

    Membership is valid from 1 January to 31 December.

    AVCC offers reduced half-year and fourth-quarter subs from 1 July and 1 October.

  • Applications and renewals are processed online through the AVCC Membership Portal.
    If you are joining for the first time, select New Registration, select “West Coast Masters” is selected for both State and Club, and follow the prompts.

  • We once had a come & try racing application which allowed you 2 free races. Due to admin costs, this has been discontinued.

    You can enter as a Non-Member Entry. Let us know of your experience and we will buddy you up with someone within the grade you ride with and will help you on position and protocol.