There is an all-grades points competition each season for teams, in addition to competitions for individuals in each grade .

Teams enter the competition by registering Team Manager contact details with the Secretary and providing an approved team jersey design which will be worn by all team members throughout the racing season. Team jersey design must be approved by the West Coast Masters Cycling Club Committee and an image of the proposed team jersey submitted for approval. Team Managers are responsible for ensuring only approved team apparel is worn. Team points will not count for riders who are not wearing approved team apparel.

If you are a member of a team, to ensure your points are allocated to your team, please check the spelling of your name in your Entry Boss profile matches your racing license and your team manager has listed you with the same spelling.

The Teams Competition is an aggregation of Individual points, with each team’s best 3 performances in each grade counting from each race, up to the maximum number of races set to count for the season (eg. the best 15 performances out of 20 races, not including Age Group Championships).

Last updated 21 April 2022.

  • Rank   Name Points
  • 1 Black Knights Masters Cycling Team 1150
  • 2 Northern Beaches Cycling Club 495
  • 3 CDF Masters Racing 473
  • 4 Unicorn Racing 298
  • 5 Oasis Timber Flooring 234
  • 6 Zenith Presto Racing 187
  • 7 Elite Racing Cycles 161
  • 8 Giant Ocean Keys 159
  • 9 Oral7 Giant Ocean Keys 118
  • 10 Vermarc Racing 109
  • 11 Swan Drafting Cycle Club 104
  • 12 Woodvale Go Racing 104
  • 13 Bike Dr. Cycle Services 94
  • 14 Eddy Hollands Bicycle Services 66
  • 15 Pedal Mafia 50
  • 16 Velofit Racing 40