Non Member Entry

Masters racing is anyone over 30 years of age and of any riding ability! Are you new to the sport or you haven’t race for years?

WCMCC offers Non-Member entry for racing against others of similar ability. This includes entry, transponder and insurance cover whilst you participate in our races.

Apply for a Non-Member Entry via the REGISTRATION FORM at the bottom of this page. We need this for Insurance and support purposes in administration of our races.


Not a Club Member?

You can now race with WCMCC even if you are a member of another cycling club.

You can enter any race on our calendar with a “Non-Member“. The fee you pay covers you for race insurance with our club whilst you race with us. An administration cost is also applies as part of your entry.

You should fill out our REGISTRATION FORM below, this will have your next-of-kin contact details if you do not have an EntryBoss registration. We need to know your cycling club if you belong. your skill and fitness level or to which grade you ride – stipulate in the Message window Non-Member Entry and which race you wish to enter!

  1. Check the terms and conditions
    View the terms & conditions
  2. Choose your event from the race calendar
    View the racing calendar
  3. Non Member Entry Complete a Registration Form online for entry by 12am Saturday for Sunday’s race
    An email confirmation should be received shortly after completing this form. Go to the Race Entry – Auto EntryBoss race page entry. Fill in your name, tick the Non-Member Entry box and your payment for non-members is done – If it does not work, show up anyway and we will sort it.

If you have already had a “Come and Try” trial ride, you will need to now register as a Non-Member Entry, and pay the entry fee. This will cover your insurance and transponder.

Race Registration Form


Non-Member Entry – complete this form by 12am Saturday and enter through Race EntryBoss for Sunday,s race

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