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President’s Message

Phil Lucas — 3 December 2021

Dear Club Members

Welcome to our December update about what is happening and coming up at the Club over the next few months. Please read on as there is some important information for all members.

The Crits

The crit season has started with a bang with good numbers across the events so far.

The leader jersey idea has changed the dynamic of the racing with a lot more aggressive riding across each of the grades.

Here are our current leaders after the first three events:

A GradeClint Thompson
B GradeMark Shellard
C GradeJohn Liso
D GradeRebecca Wheadon
E GradeCathy Bush

Congratulations to the above leaders and to the others who have had the honour of wearing (and defending) the jersey so far – well done to each of you!

Thanks again to our sponsors for each of the jerseys and thanks to all riders who have competed and supported the racing so far.

Don’t forget, racing is at Motorplex this Sunday and the calendar for the 2021/22 season can be found here.

Hopefully we will see even more racers at our coming events!

Race nominations

Although as a Club we are in a stable financial position, the Club has been doing a lot of work in recent months on the costs of running races.

Sadly racing is not getting any cheaper for the Club, indeed costs continue to rise.

The Committee has been very careful not to change the unique and popular character of the events we hold.  There have been various suggestions regarding costs (for instance that we should do away with prize money) but we think that is part of what makes our races different.

The Committee has noted the entry fees charged by other Clubs and that entry fees charged by our Club have not increased in quite some time.

With this in mind, the Committee has decided to:

  • maintain our events in their current, popular, format (including prize money)
  • ensure the financial position of the club remains stable
  • ensure that races continue to cover their costs,

we should increase nominations from $20 to $25 from DRMC on Sunday 12 December 2021.

This is not a decision that the Committee has made lightly, nor has it been made easily but one we think it is in the best long-term interests of the Club.  

The Committee is also mindful that this increase may not be significant for some, it may be for others so we have tried to keep any increase as low as we can.

The main issue is that we have a Club which is in a strong and stable position in the longer term and we think this increase will go a long way to helping achieve this.

Should you have any thoughts or concerns on this decision I invite you to talk to me or any other member of the Committee directly.

Supporting racing

The Club has recently supported a number of ideas to promote racing in different grades.

Over the last few weeks of the road season, thanks to a club Patron, we reduced the entry price for D and E Grades to only $10.  Last week at Wangarra we increased the prize money for the winner of A Grade.

The goal of the Committee is to regularly get at least 25 racers in each Grade and the Committee will continue to look for ideas to achieve this.  The ideas will vary from grade to grade and from time to time but the overall objective is to make sure that we have good-sized fields for each grade each week.

We think that is in the long term interests of the Club and the competitors in each grade.

Entry Boss

Thanks to everyone for supporting the Club as we have transitioned to Entry Boss.

Any change is going to have its issues but I think that with all of the planning and communication, the transition to Entry Boss has gone better than we could have hoped. So thank you!

A small number of riders are entering on an AusCycling profile. West Coast Masters only accepts entries from members with an AVCC Entry Boss profile, and from registered trial riders. Please ensure your Entry Boss set-up follows our well-publicised guidelines.

We are continuing to refine and develop the use of Entry Boss and one change is that nominations and scratching deadlines will be the same. From this week, both the close of entries and the scratching deadline will be midday Saturday.

We may make further tweaks over the coming months, so please keep an eye out.

If you have any questions regarding Entry Boss please contact our club secretary, John Shattock, on 0488 788 677 and he will be pleased to help you out.

A BIG thank you!

A special call out to 2 of our club stalwarts who have recently stepped back from important roles at the Club.

Bob Stephens

Bob is taking a well-earned and deserved break from setting up each and all of our racing events.  Many of you may not realise but thanks to Bob’s efforts each and every Sunday over many years we have been able to race. 

So for a long time it has been no Bob = no racing!

Bob will continue to be at the Club and continuing to race.

Thanks Bob we all really appreciate your support over many many years!

Richard Barville

Richard has also let us know that he is stepping down as club Vice President.  Richard has also been a tireless supporter of and worker for the Club and fortunately for all of us he will continue to act as Race Director.

Richard the entire Committee and Club appreciates all of your efforts and thanks for staying involved!

Club Membership

We now have 414 current financial members.  So we remain in a strong position as one of the biggest clubs in Western Australia.  We continue to attract a steady stream of trial riders, with quite a few of those riders converting to full membership.

Also we are offering a special membership until the end of the year, so if you are a former member or you know someone who wants to join, send them here.

Volunteers – we need you!

Thanks to all of the Club members who have volunteered to help out at races recently – we really appreciate your support.

We now run a volunteer register so if you are interested in helping out please check out the opportunities available and register your interest. Aside from the satisfaction that only volunteering brings, you will receive a voucher to race for free – a double win!!

Committee Members

If you want to get involved and help run the Club we would love to hear from you.

We need help from general roles helping out where needed to specific jobs that need attention.

There is lots to be done running a club as large and successful as ours so please contact me or one of the other committee members for a chat to see how you can help. 

Key committee portfolios are also listed on the Volunteer section

Annual General Meeting 

Advance notice that the AGM for the Club will be held after the racing at Herne Hill on Sunday 20 March 2022.

If you wish to stand for a position or have views regarding the Club here is your chance, so mark the date in your diary now.


That’s all for now.  As we approach the end of the year, on behalf of the Committee I wish you all a safe and enjoyable festive season. Thanks to all of you for your support over the last 12 months and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2022.

Safe riding and if you have any questions or wish to contact me please email me.

All of the very best,

Philip Lucas