West Coast Masters Cycling Council Inc.
President’s Annual Report 2022/23


I would like to extend my thanks to all members past and present for their contribution to the running of our Club over the last 12 months. We have had our challenges following the Covid period, restarting our race program after the resignation of the last Committee and dealing with threats from various sources. Through hard work by a dedicated core of Committee and general members we have come through this period in a sound position.

I personally would like to extend my thanks to our Committee this year for your work behind the scenes to ensure that our members’ requirements are met. Our Secretary Natalie Quick and Treasurer Jarred Finnigan have picked up and embraced their roles in trying conditions at times and I thank them for their service and support.

Particular thanks go to Bob Addy and Wendy Addy for their work fundraising for the club. In financially testing times, their work to raise funds for the club has been outstanding. Additionally, Bob’s work alongside Brian Buck in organising our biggest and most successful race for 2022, the Dwellingup Classic, demonstrated that the club has the ability to conduct large scale events outside immediate Perth City environs. Thankyou Bob, Brian and all officials and sponsors for your contribution to bring about that great event.

I would like to formally acknowledge the fantastic commitment of our sponsors in 2022. Unicorn Risk Solutions, Riviera Floors, Focused Media, BikeForce Clarkson, Europairs, Giant Claremont and a number of members who supported the club financially are acknowledged for their generosity. Without their financial support we would not be able to attract the fields we have at our events. Importantly, promotion of our events would not be possible without the outstanding support of Peter Hunt (Focussed Media) who’s photographic, videographic and social media work has been instrumental in promoting our brand.
Our membership as of writing is 123 active members which reflects a significant decrease in membership over the past few years. This is an area of concern to the Committee and one which requires laser focus going forward. In order to maintain the club’s viability, membership should be maintained at 250 as a minimum, and race numbers need to be at least 50 riders per event. This is a simple calculation which the club needs to be focussed on in the coming weeks, months and years.

To attract more riders to our events and subsequently build membership numbers, I have been working on the establishment of Event Licences (Day Licence) for the club. Our club Vice President Chris Singleton identified that we were limiting our ability to attract more numbers by restricting race entry to members only. Through many months of negotiation with the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC) and its insurers, we finally managed to achieve the result we were looking for and we will soon be able to announce race entry to non-members for selected events. I wish to thank Chris Singleton for his vision and support to bring this game-changing concept to fruition.

Our racing has been successful and, as a club, we have been congratulated on the way we conduct and promote our events by many in the cycling and wider community. WCMCC can be proud of its ability to conduct well organised events and I thank all our Officials for their outstanding work each and every weekend throughout the year. Congratulations also to our Club Champions this past year and all race winners, losers, seasoned racers and novices. In my eyes you are all very well-deserved winners.

There have been countless other essential activities and achievements which should be mentioned but space is limited. Notable, however, among these is the project to replace signage and modifications to the truck. Chris Singleton’s engineering prowess and generosity in supplying materials is acknowledged and greatly appreciated. Equally important has been the training of marshals and other officials essential for the conduct of events into the future.
I will end this report with the message that great Clubs are built by great members. Without your best efforts to support the club and the Committee, your racing experiences will not be fulfilled. It’s now up to you to put some time, energy and expertise into supporting the organisation which supports your sporting aspirations.

On 8 January 2023 I informed the Committee that I would not be seeking re-election due to personal reasons, among those being the weight of work I have single-handedly undertaken to keep the club operating and my personal circumstances which will not afford me the time or energy to continue as I have been over the past 12 months. It is now up to others to contribute to the club as people before have contributed to the club. Thanks to all of you who have supported me throughout what has been a challenging year for me personally.

I wish you all the very best of luck.

Nick Vroomans
President WCMCC

President’s Message

On 28 August I addressed the West Coast Masters Cycling Club members at Chidlow to provide a response to the lingering issue surrounding alignment with AusCycling.

In that address I covered the Committee’s lengthy and detailed assessment of the proposal, and emphasised that a move in that direction demanded serious consideration as a poor decision could have club-ending consequences. I addressed the consultation process we had with the Australia Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC), the WA AusCycling representative and club members whereby it became clear that it would not be in the best interests of the majority of the members, or the financial, administrative or operational benefit to the club to align with AusCyling.

I would like to personally thank the Committee for their patient, unbiased and professional input to the process and to Mr Matt Poyner (Operational Manager AusCycling WA) for his friendly, cooperative and understanding approach throughout.

I also wish to thank the President of the AVCC Mr Dougal Torrance and the Treasurer of the AVCC Mrs Cheryl Hutchins for their guidance and expertise which immeasurably assisted the Committee throughout this process.

Nick Vroomans